[Sca-cooks] Period substitute for tomatoes?

Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Fri Aug 21 11:48:01 PDT 2009

Aldyth said:

<<< Selene, you hit this on the head, or well, noodle.  :-))  I have a  
handout that I am in the process of updating that all my cooks guild  
get a copy of.  Medieval food for the modern palate.  This recipe is my
macaroni and cheese sort of equivalent. I list modern foods that for the
most part are accepted (fried chicken, the Mac and Cheese, Stew, etc)  
then list a similar "period" recipe/food. >>>


I'd like to consider adding your article to the Florilegium, after  
you've updated it, if I may.

After hunting season is fine. Few things in the Florilegium have hard  
and fast deadlines. Other than getting them done before the author  
gets dragged off into anther project, that is. :-)

Judith, along similar line, perhaps this new article series I've been  
adding to the FOOD section in the Florilegium might be of interest:
DYKIP-Food-art    (10K)  5/29/09  "Did You Know It's Period? - Modern  
                                      Food" by HL Rowan Houndskeeper.
DYKIP-Frid-Fd-art (18K)  7/ 4/09  "Did You Know its Period? Part 4:  
                                      Foods" by HL Rowan Houndskeeper.
DYKIP-Pies-art    (16K)  7/ 5/09  "Did You Know its Period? Part 5:  
                                      Simon's Pies" by HL Rowan  
DYKIP-Sweets-art  (18K)  6/11/09  "Did You Know its Period? Part 3:  
                                      Your Sweet Tooth" by HL Rowan  
DYKIP-Veg-Frt-art (14K)  6/ 2/09  "Did You Know It's Period? Part 2 -  
                                      and Fruits" by HL Rowan  

I'm not sure which of these do or do not fit into your other food  
restrictions, but worth a look. And these were written with the person  
new to period cooking in mind.

This file in the FOOD-BY-REGIONS section might also be of interest.  
There are some recipes in here as well, I believe.
fd-Jewish-msg    (144K)  3/16/08    Jewish medieval food. Sources.

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