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Selene said:

Judith writes:
>> If there is a way to get that fresh, flavorful burst (without using
>> eggplant if I don't have to -- I know it's all the rage in the
>> medieval Near East, but I don't actually like it)... I'd love to know
>> what it is.
Back to the original question... many kind of fruit known in period
would work.  And the Mediterranean area, which I perceive to be your
main area of interest, was the veritable fruit bowl of the Western
world.  Grapes, apricots, melons and citrus.>>>

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<<< Also:  a bit of "point" is also added with vinegar and with  
verjus, aka
sour grape juice.  The latter is widely available in Middle Eastern
groceries;  brands include Sadaf and Shemshad.>>>

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All of these first ones are the FOOD-FRUITS section and the former  
group in the FOOD section.

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