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On Aug 21, 2009, at 10:59 AM, Deborah Hammons wrote:
>  I have a first question. What would a Spanish jew have eaten who
>  "kept kosher" of their time eaten just before they were expelled
>  from Spain? And the Moorish counterpart living in Spain at the same
>  time?
>  Aldyth

"A Drizzle of Honey" is mostly a collection of recipes invented by 
the authors, who were inspired to create new dishes based on the 
slightest of comments - "my mistress ate chickpeas with honey", so 
the authors made up a dish that features those two ingredients. Few 
to no recipes in the book are authentic to the late 15th and 16th 
centuries. From what i can tell, the recipes are tasty, but they are 
far from historically accurate.

For the most part, Andalusian Jews ate what their Muslim neighbors 
were eating, with a few different restrictions, and the occasional 

The 13th c. Andalusian cookbook has some recipes identified as being Jewish.
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