[Sca-cooks] Missing Digests

Martha Sieting osermart at msu.edu
Sun Aug 23 07:03:41 PDT 2009

Stefan asked:

> It's hard to believe that Anahita and I are the only two who subscribe
> to this list in digest form. You said "digests end up in mine", so
> does this mean you get the digest form of this list? If so, did *you*
> get these missing digests or are you also missing these particular ones?

To be honest with you, I don't really keep track of them.  (Gasp!  Shock, I know...)  I look at them, if there's anything I want, I copy it and then the rest goes in the email circular file.  

However, looking back through that particular folder, it seems that I at least did not get #51, so I'm figuring I didn't get the others either.  



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