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Sun Aug 23 21:19:06 PDT 2009

I just got "America Eats!" in the mail - it was published in 
hardcover last year and recently came out in paper. I got it via 
LibraryThing, for which i have to write a review.
(i recently posted a review of a book i won in June and which 
fortuitously arrived the day before i left on my vacation - a good 
read, but not related in any way to this forum - i can only guess 
they keep giving me books because i actually write reviews...)

"America Eats!" is about the work of a group of WPA Federal Writers' 
Project members - including Eudora Welty, Ralph Ellison, and Nelson 
Algren - sent by the government to document American culinary culture 
- which is really homely (in its best sense), jes' plain, local and 
regional food.

The project was never published. Pat Willard, the author of this book 
heard about it, got ahold of the unpublished manuscript, and 
travelled around the US to see what was being cooked today compared 
to the 1930s. She includes some of the original articles along with 
her own writing and some recipes, accompanying her text with pictures 
by WPA photographers - including Dorothea Lange and Ben Shahn.

I so excited i was awarded this book and i'm looking forward to 
reading it very much!

someone sometimes called Urtatim
who is working on a report of "my summer vacation",
which has little to do with the SCA or the time period it covers,
but much with regional art, architecture, and FOOD

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