[Sca-cooks] re period substitue for tomatoes

brooke white traumspindel at googlemail.com
Mon Aug 24 03:27:18 PDT 2009

I had send this earlier, but it bounced, because aparently I did something
wrong, Sorry about that.

dear Judith,the one flavor I tend to miss in period recipies are indeed
tomatoes. They can give a sweetness and fresness to a dish that very little
other vegetable can (isn't ich actually fruit?) It may just be that they
have become such an important part of cuisine because there is nothing that
can add freshness, sweet and even slightly sour taste depending on the
recipe. My guess would be: depending on recipes: Add cooked carrots but add
some additional vinegar and sugar, In some cases I would try roasted Bread
and maybe a dash of vine/vinegar/orangejuice/lemon or Verjus. Also if
lettuse is not the biggest part of the recipe but it is a mixture where
tomatoes would be used to *freshen* and lighten* the density try lettuce,
the coarser the better, put it in late but don't fret about cooking it.
lettuce is fine cooked. I could also picture a mixture of beets and apple.
You may also want to try the white part of chard (leaves like spinach, white
often like asparagus) I would say look what function tomatoes serve in your
dish and that will help you  determine a suitable substitute

Or, find somebody willing to accomodate your sabbat needs by cooking for you
on that day, whit you helping out on sunday ;)
Good Luck and fine flavor

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