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Well, I ran into this at an event a while back. Had some really nice
observant Jewish folks camping with us at the event, and they were
quite interested in my smithing, but also in, if possible, borrowing
some of my charcoal. It was rather like playing 20 questions, to see
if I could help them out a bit, but I did determine, finally, that
while they could not carry the charcoal themselves, and while they
could not ask me to carry or cause to be carried the charcoal to their
camp, once I figured out the problem, and volunteered my apprentice to
carry the charcoal over for them, it was fine.

However, I'm thinking that those of you who do go to events while
keeping strict Kosher would be more helpful to us poor non- Jews if
perhaps you might have a small pamphlet or something to make available
to Troll or someplace else, that will allow us to help you without
violating your rules of conduct. After all, we may not always think of
the right questions to ask- and I have no doubt that most of us are
quite willing to do whatever is necessary to help you have the most
pleasant possible event experience. After all, I certainly know that I
couldn't do much of what I do to set up for events without the help of
others. We're all in this together, folks ;-)

On Mon, Aug 24, 2009 at 8:39 AM, Judith Epstein<judith at ipstenu.org> wrote:
> On Aug 23, 2009, at 10:21 PM, Barbara Nostrand wrote:
>> Noble Cousin!
>> Greetingts from Solvieg!
>>> No "work" is permitted to Jews on Sabbath, except that "work" is not a
>>> correct translation of the word "melachah." From what I can discover,
>>> melachah is related to the word melech, which means king. Thus, what is
>>> prohibited are acts of mastery/sovereignty, that is, over the physical
>>> world.
>> Ahh. Interesting etymology. However, the key component of forbidden work
>> is making, and the list of forbidden melachot is supposed to derive from
>> those activities involved in constructing the mishkan.
> I'm aware of this interpretation as well, yes. But saying that doesn't
> really help those who aren't at all familiar with the Jewish definitions and
> derivations of "work."
> Judith
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