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<<Judith Epstein wrote:?
> I'm continually amazed at those who think children need to be > culinarily patronized. Absolutely, feed your children mushy foods > before they get teeth; cater to allergies and health-related > intolerances; feed them according to your religious and ideological > restrictions (kosher, halal, vegetarian/vegan). But that's where the > restrictions can safely stop. After those restrictions are honored, > feed children like you feed adults, and they will develop a good > palate and an attitude that they can try new things. ?
I absolutely 100% agree! ?
-- Antonia di Benedetto Calvo?>>

I'd have agreed with both of you before I had my son.

He has always been fed reasonable foods, always given a little of whatever we were eating.? He loved lo mein noodles before he even had teeth.? The only thing he refused to eat, when younger, was?any form of potato other than a?French Fry.? Even when he was still on jarred baby food.? Some of the mixed vegetable jars have a potato base.? He would not eat any of those, but would eat the mixed vegetables that contained no potato with no evidence of dislike.? He ate squash, peas, beans, pasta with sauce, meatloaf, taco meat with cheese on it, you name it.

He is now 4.? The only vegetable he eats is tomato sauce, and that only on pizza or in the spaghettios cans.? If I make spaghetti with sauce at home, he refuses to eat it.? He will only eat egg noodles, spaghetti, noodle rings, ABC shapes, or elbows.? He refuses any other shape of pasta.? He will eat bananas, apple sauce, and raisins, no other fruits.? Hamburgers are iffy; he won't eat them if they are too thick.? He will eat chicken nuggets or breaded strips but no other form of chicken.? Etc.? He doesn't get a special meal prepared for him; if he won't eat anything I've made, he doesn't get anything to eat until the next meal.? It's been that way since I weaned him from the breast.? He's gone more than 2 years now of not?getting anything until the next?meal because he won't try what's in the current one.? Two nights ago we had soft chicken tacos for dinner.? He was given a tortilla, a?bite or two?of chicken, and some shredded cheese.? He ate?less than?a tablespoon of shredded cheese and that was his meal.? That was actually a triumph because it wasn't processed American-style cheese food.? On the few occasions?we've forced or tricked him into trying something, he's thrown up immediately on getting the food into his mouth.

I just hope that this is some kind of hase and he'll eventually go back to eating normally.? Sometimes I think he has a problem with food textures, but if so, it got worse for a while and now may be getting minimally better.

Brangwayna Morgan

Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom

Lancaster, PA

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