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Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Mon Aug 24 18:44:03 PDT 2009

With regard to the culinary arts, the Midrealm has very clear rules
that both explain and define what it is that being sought in an A&S entry.

These are located online at:
Cooking: Subtleties, Sotelties, and Illusion Foods
Cooking: Multiple Dish
Cooking: Single Dish

What is written there to explain documentation for a single dish is:
"Documentation addresses the scholarship of the entry. It must contain 
certain elements that
address the historical origins of the dish and development of a modern 
version versus the
historical or original dish. It should:
• Demonstrate an understanding of pre-1600 historical foods, methods of 
philosophies, etc.
• Discuss the intended environment for the dish (ex: royal feast, manor 
house, holiday
feast), what occasion the dish is created for as well as presentation 
and serving method
appropriate to the period.
• Include the original recipe and translation if not in English as well 
as the modern working
recipe. Indicate if it is an original redaction or if was developed by 
someone else.
• Provide clear instructions, procedures, and method of working that can 
be followed"

Does this help explain what we mean when we stress documentation? The 
Cooks of the Society
and the members of this List are for the most part very dedicated and 
upon research into historical cookery and ingredients. We are so lucky 
today in that more and more
texts, manuscripts, and books are available and are indexed so as to 
allow us to more easily research and find marvelous recipes.
When I joined thirty six years ago this month, we had very few sources 
that existed outside
of the library's microfilm rooms and closed stacks. Now I can sit at 
home and summon up texts
in European libraries, I can browse manuscript illuminations of cooking 
and ingredients from early manuscripts,
and I can exchange knowledge and do searches for my friends not only in 
my local community, my kingdom,
but around the entire world.

Johnnae llyn Lewis

Judith Epstein wrote:
> Let me clarify my intentions, so that there'll be no more need to 
> create another dead horse just for people like me to beat on. ;) snipped
> 4. IF I ENTER A CONTEST, at that point I'll use a cook book. Sure. 
> I'll resent the heck out of it, because there's the (entirely 
> un-justified) perception that my cooking's not good enough, and I have 
> to obey some cook who doesn't know me, my diners, my kitchen, or my 
> tastes... but yes, I'll use a bloody book.
> DOCUMENTATION because it's my own displayed offering and I don't have 
> to work with someone else's rules, I will make the best food I 
> possibly can, because that's my work ethic -- whether it's documented 
> or not, what I'm displaying is MY skill, not the skill of a long-dead 
> cook.

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