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at 6:10 PM, Suey wrote:

> > I was a very close friend of J. Israel Katz. Thanks to him and all  
> > his support I am a member of the Spanish writers society, CEDRO.  
> > Israel hates Arabs and the 13th century Hispano Arab cookbook.

I think it might be helpful in this case to repeat the man's full name  
rather than separate it and say "Israel hates Arabs," which is  
inaccurate. Israel as an entire nation is made up of a majority of  
Arab Israelis, and not every non-Arab Israeli hates Arabs; nor does  
all (or a majority) of Israel as a people (that is, Jews) hate Arabs.  
In this case, Israel is an individual's name, and HE hates Arabs. Just  
for clarification.

You are incorrect.  The man's name is J. Israel Katz. Check him out.


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