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Stefan li Rous StefanliRous at austin.rr.com
Tue Aug 25 00:53:39 PDT 2009

> That's a really good idea. I was thinking of offering to teach a  
> class at
> some point on the practicalities of Jewish observance at SCA events  
> and/or
> in the Middle Ages, so I guess I should spend this winter working  
> out some
> class materials, including a pamphlet such as you describe.

To which Jaume replied:

<<< It could get a little tricky, since you have to follow the rule  
the Society not endorsing religious observances, but I suspect nobody
will mind if you frame it as a way to be of service to people with
certain restrictions rather than as anything to do directly with the
Bible or the Talmud.>>>

I don't see any conflict with the rules on religion. If everyone was  
required to submit to the Jewish food and activity restrictions there  
would be a problem. But an optional class, even one on the tenets and  
practices of a particular religion, should not be a problem.

And as I mentioned in another message, Judith has other media than  
official SCA publications if needed for her pamphlet. I already had  
one run-in recently about whether something should be published in the  
Florilegium or not. From what I hear, it was brought up before the SCA  
BoD, and they felt either it wasn't a problem or they had no authority  
to demand an article in the Florilegium be removed or both. So, that  
matter has now been settled. But had someone tried to force a removal,  
they would have found that there is intentionally no official  
connection between SCA Inc. and the Florilegium and thus no authority  
or problem with such a "religious" article from being published there.  
I'm sure there are other such media outlets as well serving the SCA  

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