[Sca-cooks] Ka'ak recipes

Johnna Holloway johnnae at mac.com
Tue Aug 25 05:18:32 PDT 2009

There seem to be recipes for ka'ak in this medical treatise/ book titled

  A treatise on the Canon of medicine of Avicenna.

Author: 	Avicenna (Avicenna is 980-1037)
  O Cameron Gruner
Publisher: 	London, Luzac, 1930.
Cover title in Arabic. Translated from the Arabic, Al-qanum fi 't-tibb,
book 1.
Description: 	vii, 612 p. ill.
Responsibility: incorporating a translation of the first book, by O.
Cameron Gruner.

There's also a 1984 reprint.
Publisher: Birmingham, Ala. : The Classics of Medicine Library, 1984.

There seem to be other versions, but I can't tell what they contain.
They can be found in a number of libraries so loaning in a copy 
shouldn't be hard.


David Friedman wrote:
> Ka'ak are a middle eastern cookie/cracker, usually but not always ring 
> shaped; a number of different versions are still made. I've now tried 
> two period recipes, one from al-Warraq and one that Charles Perry sent 
> me from Wusla (13th c.). snipped
> Does anyone have any other period ka-ak recipes I could try?

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