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Tue Aug 25 05:43:54 PDT 2009

I guess then that this brings up the question, "Why are you in the SCA?"
Everything we do is based on what folks did in the Middle Ages and
Renaissance...we're constantly looking over our distant ancestors'
shoulders...cookne ing, C & I, costuming, dance, fighting, armoring, etc.
For you, I guess we're just a social club or something similar.  Most of us
are here to learn about what happened during this period...and, no matter
what art or science we pursue, we do it best by studying period work,
whether it's a painting, sculpture, recipe, inventory list or whatever.


On Tue, Aug 25, 2009 at 7:53 AM, Judith Epstein <judith at ipstenu.org> wrote:

> Yes, I know all of this. When entering into a contest, I intend to
> document. When COOKING (rather than just sous-cheffing for someone who died
> 500 years ago) for MY ENCAMPMENT... Never mind, I've said it a dozen times
> before now.
> On Aug 24, 2009, at 8:44 PM, Johnna Holloway wrote:
>  With regard to the culinary arts, the Midrealm has very clear rules
>> that both explain and define what it is that being sought in an A&S entry.
>> These are located online at:
>> Cooking: Subtleties, Sotelties, and Illusion Foods
>> http://www.midrealm.org/moas/criteria/cooking-subtleties_sotelties_illusion.pdf
>> Cooking: Multiple Dish
>> http://www.midrealm.org/moas/criteria/cooking-muti_dish.pdf
>> Cooking: Single Dish
>> http://www.midrealm.org/moas/criteria/cooking-single_dish.pdf
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