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Perhaps it would be wise to look again at why you want to cook at events.  I believe you originally said cooking was the only way you can contribute to doing things in a medieval way, and you want to start by using period ingredients but you're not interested right now in period recipes or techniques.  I am at a loss as to your aversion for period recipes---if it's lack of familiarity, perhaps you could practice it at home until it's second nature.  You've already invested some effort into researching period ingredients, so why not put a little more effort into period receipes, since period food is about more than just period ingredients.  

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> On Aug 25, 2009, at 10:04 AM, Barbara Benson wrote:
> >> I was thinking that the approach was more like walking into a locals
> > bar in Boston and saying "Hows about those Yankees" in a loud voice.
> Nice idea, but I was thinking of it more like walking into a Boston 
> bar and saying "I'd like to learn a bit about baseball, but I'd like 
> to start just by getting a ball and bat and learning to hit. Throwing 
> and catching, I'll leave for a bit later; and the rulebook too, if I 
> decide to join an actual team." And since I'm the one who's doing 
> this, I'm actually pretty accurate concerning what my intentions were.
> The response is making me think, "This bar is not the place for me, 
> until I've decided to invest time, money, effort, and pretty much my 
> whole existence in this game."
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