[Sca-cooks] scissors RE: Twill weaves and garb

Georgia Foster jo_foster81 at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 25 14:31:03 PDT 2009

I had exactly this conversation with Her Highness Sati of Artemisia some months back.  Her solution ... actually her grandmother's solution works a FINE treat for keeping fabric scissors for fabric.


It starts out like so many here.  Hide the fabric scissors.




buy several pairs of less expensive scissors.  mark each with a tag that identifies the room and buy several pair for each room of the house.  Scatter them throughout the house.  


This solves the possibility of somebody needing a pair of scissors and just grabbing the wrong ones without concern for the certain death that will soon follow when the fabric manipulator finds the fabric scissors next to the chunks of plastic near the trash.  








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