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From: Susan Lin <susanrlin at gmail.com>
>Ashkenazi and Sephardic are two branches one being
>roughly from Europe (starting in Germany/France and moving east) and the
>other from North Africa/Spain.

You are leaving out the Mizrachim, the Jews who lived in the Near and 
Middle East and never left it (well, until recently).

The Sephardim were originally Spanish. They were NOT North African. 
They were forced to leave Spain and some moved to North Africa, while 
some went elsewhere (the first Jewish congregation in the US was 
Sephardic, and the congregants had come from the Netherlands). There 
was a distinct difference between the Sephardim and the local Jews, 
the Sephardim often being better educated and richer and looked down 
on and didn't mix with the local Maghribi Mizrachi Jews.
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