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--- Johnna Holloway <johnnae at mac.com> schrieb am Di, 25.8.2009:
>  The best way to find it is to go to the Florilegium and search under fadalat.
>  It appears then as an article titled: _Fadalat-art - 8/15/08_
>   "Culinary Abundance - Rich Recipes with Medieval Variations".
>  Translation by Susan Lord-Williams.
>  It's been posted for a year now.

Giano replied:
>The fadalt is Siculo-Norman? Or are we talking at cross-purposes 
>here? I know about the Fadalat, but I thought it was Spanish. I was 
>wondering where the Cookbook of Roger II could be found.

The Fadalat is 13th c. Andalusian - i wouldn't call that Spanish, 
although it is from the Iberian peninsula.

Suey's is a translation into English from a translation into Spanish 
from the original Arabic.

It's not Siculo-Norman, though...
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