[Sca-cooks] Classical French Cooking

Kingstaste kingstaste at comcast.net
Thu Aug 27 07:48:03 PDT 2009

>There's lots of good news about people becoming more interested in cooking
with real food and learning about traditional foods. The Julie and Julia
movie has sent the interest in classical French cooking soaring.<

In the move, Julie says something about how braised cucumbers are a
revelation.   Haven't braised a cucumber in many a year, but I don't
remember them being all that revealing to me.  However, I am re-enamored of
aspics.  I found myself craving my tarragon vegetable aspic yesterday, and
we polished off the last two oeufs in gelee last night - damn that is a
tasty dish!  Very subtle, but creamy with the combination of the poached egg
yolk and the gelatin as it slowly warms on your tongue.  Very sophisticated
cuisine, and one I have not revisited for many many years.  

I recently had a wonderful tomato aspic that was more of a gellied gaspatcho
at a real old-school southern cuisine place in Atlanta called The Collonade
(hey Kiri, that may have to be one of our next stops).  That place has a
side dish/veggie menu that has to be 30 items long!  The tomato aspic was
served with a dollop of mayonnaise on top, a real throw-back to the 50's and
60's, but it was delicious.  

Gelatin is not just for Jell-O and sweets, and I think I will be playing
with that concept more in the near future.  Hmm, my new crop of cooking
students may just be making gels too....


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