[Sca-cooks] General request to return to our roots

Susan Lin susanrlin at gmail.com
Thu Aug 27 14:38:17 PDT 2009

Some observations:

Recently it is my perception that this list has gotten way off topic of food
in the SCA.  It is my impression that people are getting their feelings
hurt.  There is no way to emote on e-mail/digests, it just doesn't come
through so if you think you're being funny it's not necessarily going to
come off as such.  I have felt that some of the comments have been of an
attacking nature - that might not have been the intention but that is my

As for the e-mail v. digest thing, In general I believe this has a lot to do
with how messages are received and replied to on each individual person's
e-mail account.  I do not know how the digest works as I get e-mails but
some only get the new information on an e-mail and some people get all of
the prior posts.  People wish to reply and maybe can't or don't have time to
clean every post up.  I'm sorry this is difficult for some to follow but
it's the nature of the internet.

Here I started a new thread because my reply isn't directed to anything
specifically stated but a general reply.  Sometimes I can do this and
sometimes I can't - depends if I'm on my handheld or not.  (although with
regard to a prior post it is Jacqueline Susann not Jaclyn Susan)

I don't like to see replies that add ideas/comments underneath each
paragraph of a prior post because it is confusing to me as sometimes the new
information is not at all distinguished from the old.  But, I deal with it.

If I get too many messages I just bite the bullet and delete them (or more
often just "mark as read")  If I need to find something that seems to be old
I will search for it.

I would love to see this list get back to its roots.  Where people discuss
medieval food issues and in a respectful manner people reply with helpful
and useful advice, ideas, corrections and expressions of interest (or

I know there are people here very passionate about food and medieval food
specifically.  There a people who are intent on detail and being precise is
very important to them while other people are okay with less detail.  There
a people who have been on this list for many many years and others are
relatively new (even if not new to the SCA).  Some people are brand spanking
new to both and need to be nurtured and their interests cultivated.

I respect each and every one of you for your skills and your enthusiasm and
interest in the subject of food within the SCA.  I look forward to learning
from all of you, new and seasoned veterans.

Peace and best wishes,

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