[Sca-cooks] food likes and dislikes and ettiquette

Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Thu Aug 27 16:45:48 PDT 2009

Lisa wrote:

>We've actually discussed this subject many times in the past, just in
>different versions.  Relating it to Period feasts at an SCA event, it is the
>responsibility of the individual to contact the cook if there are any
>dietary issues that may need to be addressed.  However, it is the
>responsibility of the cook to make available an (at minimum tentative) menu
>enough in advance that feastgoers can contact them regarding dietary issues.

Not necessarily.  I consider it the responsibility of feastgoers to 
contact the cook (or steward, or booking agent) about their food issues 
before the feast, but I pretty much never provide a menu in advance.  
It's not the norm here to publish ahead.  It *is* the norm here for all 
feast-goers to pre-book.

>I get really frustrated in our area and typically don't bother to attend
>feasts at our local events.  The last 3 events I've attended where a feast
>was served, the menu was posted a week before the event, one of them, the
>DAY of the event.  In my opinion, that's not a timely posting to address
>dietary problems. 

See comments above.  If I know there are dietary issues, I will make 
sure that either those affected get a good and varied meal or suggest 
alternate arrangements. 

I think this is probably easier on the people with dietary issues than 
to expect them to ring up and ask for modifications after they've seen 
the menu.

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

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