[Sca-cooks] food likes and dislikes and ettiquette

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 Congratulations on celebrating your birthday Danial!  I hope your children have not decided to make mud pies for your celebration party.


Olwen, still in Denmark (you should see me ride a bike........oh my...)

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> Was written:
> So, that being the case, if a person such as yourself were to come to
> a non-Kosher home, and we knew that you kept kosher, is there anything
> we might offer you safely?
> My thought, supposing I knew you were coming, would be to hit the
> grocery (or, if one were available nearby the Kosher grocery) and look
> through the stuff marked K for something that you might find pleasant
> to nosh on. It would seem to me, that served on new disposable plates
> with disposable flatware, you'd be covered.
> Just had this strange picture of making polite conversation whilst munching 
> matzo crackers and swilling Mad Dog 20/20 out of the bottle.
> Forgive me I just turned another year today and the absurdity of being 57 
> years old with daughters aged 2 and 7 is playing with my head.
> Daniel
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