[Sca-cooks] food likes and dislikes and ettiquette

Antonia Calvo ladyadele at paradise.net.nz
Mon Aug 31 12:52:02 PDT 2009

debbie pond wrote:
> I agree wholeheartedly with Ranvaig.  I am one of those dreaded vegetarians who also happens to hate mushrooms.  Though I would never expect to be able to eat every dish at a feast, some are heavier on meat dishes or mushrooms than others, thus not as good for my particular food choices.  I would feel incredibly rude to ask for special accommodations, so  I base my decision on whether or not a particular feast is doable for me by checking the menu online ahead of time.  Thus, I have fully enjoyed each feast so far!

See my comments elsewhere-- I just ask that you book and that you 
mention you are a vegetarian when doing so, and lo, a meal that you can 
eat will appear.  Sometimes that means extras, sometimes not. 

I *am* pushing this from a cook's perspective-- I'm pretty flexible 
about menus, and I'd just like everyone to get a good meal so far as 
possible.  Really.  If I *ask* people to mention their dietary 
restrictions, then it is not "rude" or demanding of them to do so.  It's 
actually on all of our booking forms and in our event notices.

Antonia di Benedetto Calvo

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