[Sca-cooks] Sauce made with blood

Lisa Sawyer ysabeau.lists at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 06:54:07 PST 2009

I don't know how period it is but growing up the Polish side of my family
would make Blood or Black Soup. I looked it up and it seems to have been
called Czernina.

My memories of it were sort of traumatic :) I remember my dad cutting the
head off the duck and losing his grip...the headless duck "chasing"  me at
five-years-old around the yard with blood spurting out. Needless to say, I
never developed a taste for the soup.

I tried it again when I visited Poland as an adult. It was interesting but
nothing that made me go Wow! It didn't even look appetizing being a murky
black color.

Returning to lurk mode,

On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 12:29 PM, emilio szabo <emilio_szabo at yahoo.it> wrote:

> This one is from 14th century Diuersa servicia (Hieatt and Butler, #9)
> Haris in talbotays schul be hewe in gobettys
> al raw and
> sodyn with al þe blod. Nym bred, piper & ale & grynd
> togedere,
> & temper it wyþ þe selue broth, & boyle it
> & salt it & serue
> it forþe.
> This if from Forme of cury (#145)
> Sawse noyre for malard. Take brede and blode iboiled,
> and grynde it and drawe it thurgh a cloth with vyneger; do
> þerto powdour of gynger and of peper, & þe grece of
> the
> maulard. Salt it; boile it wel and serue it forth.
> E.
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