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Euriol of Lothian euriol at ptd.net
Thu Feb 5 20:10:11 PST 2009

Some of you may be aware that my eldest son is attending t he culinary arts
program at the county vocation school, with the intent to eventually getting
a 4 year degree in culinary arts and becoming a chef. He had an assignment
of designing a buffet lunch for 35 people choosing a single country to
showcase the recipes. He picked German, feeling that it is not in the
mainstream of cuisine that is often seen on modern cooking programs. Of the
9 recipes he selected, 5 were based or inspired directly from medieval
Germanic recipes.


He had a budget of $175 (35 people @ $5 each) and according to the pricing
we were able to find online, including spices he has come $20 under budget.
His most expensive dish is bratwurst. The least expensive is sauerkraut.


I had a lot of fun helping him put it all together, but he selected all the
recipes (only asking my advice on two). One of his desserts he had selected
he discovered was French in origin.  One of the requirements for this
project was his adherence to the country. That we were able to pull
information on recipes from pre 17th century made him smile. He even had a
small bibliography.


Ok, I guess that is enough of me being the proud mom.



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