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He cooked a lunch about 3 years ago, that was all Italian Dishes. He hasn't
yet taken a translated recipe and modernize it on his own, he's either had
my help or he used ones that I did myself.

Some of the recipes he chose were "traditional" but the menu is

Rye Bread
Leek & Potato Soup
Cucumber Salad
Bratwurst with Sauerkraut (served on rolls)
Roasted Pork
Potato Pancakes
Bread Pudding
Apple Cake

The ones we took directly from the recipes I've done are the Roasted Pork
(Rumpolt) and Bread Pudding  (Early Northern Cookery Book). The ones we
supported were the Cucumber Salad, Sauerkraut, and the Bratwurst. Of course
there is good argument for the Rye Bread, but it was getting late and
certainly leeks were used in soups... again it was getting late.

He is the one of my two sons I don't fret about having a good time at an
event. He has been known to say as we arrive at events "Bye Mom, you'll find
me in the kitchen." Usually, I do.


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>He had an assignment
>of designing a buffet lunch for 35 people choosing a single country to
>showcase the recipes. He picked German, feeling that it is not in the
>mainstream of cuisine that is often seen on modern cooking programs. Of the
>9 recipes he selected, 5 were based or inspired directly from medieval
>Germanic recipes.

How wonderful, that he's doing so well.  Has he cooked an SCA feast yet?
Please share the menu, and let us know which medieval recipes he used.

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