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Sat Feb 7 00:19:40 PST 2009

Christianna asked:
<<< What I'm
looking for now is suggestions for other period prepared foods that  
would do
well in our bento lunch boxes while at the war. >>>

In the FEASTS section of the Florilegium. I think some of these items  
should work, although I'm not quite sure what a "bento lunch box" is.
Picnic-Basket-art (26K)  5/21/08    "A Pilgrim's Picnic Basket" by  
                                        Gideanus Adamantius, O.L.

Are you willing to keep things in an ice chest and let people get  
them from there? If so, this isn't documentably period but it is  
medievoid in style. In the Florilegium FOOD section:
Scotch-Eggs-msg   (19K)  3/ 5/05    Fried sausage-wrapped hard-boiled  

pretzels-msg      (66K)  6/10/07    Period pretzels and pretzel-like  
    Easily bought in town or brought from home.

More of a snack than a major part of lunch:
Calontr-Jerky-art  (6K) 11/15/08    "Sex Red Wine Jerky - the  
Calontir Army
                                        Standard" by Bns. Jenna of  

Another pair which would require an ice chest:
chck-n-pastry-msg (30K)  3/20/08    Chicken recipes cooked or baked  
in pastry.
meat-pies-msg    (158K) 11/13/08    Period meat pies. Recipes.
   (We've made these as 'hand pies' at home and then taken them to  
Gulf Wars and eaten them cold at lunch)

Digby's cakes should be okay cold.
Digby-Cakes-art   (12K)  6/30/01    "Excellent Small Cakes Revisited"
                                        by Tirloch of Tallaght.
Digby-Cakes-msg   (18K)  3/ 7/08    Making cakes using Sir Digby's  
                                        Small Cakes' recipe.

Rosquillas-msg    (15K)  6/20/01    Spanish pastry of biscotti-like  

Fresh and dried fruits.

Bagels-art        (28K)  3/ 3/08    "Period Bagels?" by Mairi Ceilidh.
bagels-msg        (16K)  1/10/08    Period bagels.
  (Provide these with sliced or chunk cheese and ready-to-eat cooked  
sliced meat or cured meats. If someone chooses to put this between  
the slices of the bagel and eat it that way, then their choice)

pickled-foods-msg (138K) 4/ 1/08    Medieval pickled food. recipes.

grape-leaves-msg  (31K) 12/24/04    Use of grape leaves in cooking.  

14C-Fingerfds-art (10K) 10/14/01    "English - 14th Century Fingerfoods"
                                        by THL Kateryn de Develyn.
finger-foods-msg  (26K)  4/30/07    Ideas for finger foods at feasts  
and events.
    (possibly some useable ideas in these)

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