[Sca-cooks] Period Portable Lunch Foods

Kingstaste kingstaste at comcast.net
Sat Feb 7 08:20:07 PST 2009

I appreciate the idea of making bread-things ahead of time, but it isn't
really what I want to do.  For one, we have done the freeze-it and keep it
thing, and I have tossed out way too much moldy bread up there.  For
another, I just don't eat bready things that much any more.  I do use the
gluten-free mixes occasionally, but I would rather eat non-breaded things,
especially when it is hot at Pennsic.  Besides, we are assigning things to
people to prepare each day, so we shouldn't have to do so much of the
pre-war prep.  We will anyway, but there is no shortage of fresh food up
there, and I would rather eat fresh/local/seasonal in any case.  We eat A
LOT of fresh corn at Pennsic - lol.  We love to take advantage of the lamb
sales Giant Eagle features when we're up there.  I know we'll be doing lamb
kabobs and meatballs at least a few times.  The grape leaves will do well
with that too. Thanks for the Restaurant Depot tip on that one, I will go
find those. (Yes, we have several RD's here.)  I might look around for a
good deal on pine nuts down here to take with me too, that sort of thing can
save me cash while I'm there and be a good ingredient to use.  Hmm, I will
have to take some rice dumpling wrappers, then we could make Asian-style
rolled foods too...

Kiri writes: 

Could you use gluten-free flour to make the pastry?  I've discovered that
you can make things like this ahead of time, freeze them and they should
last into the second week.  You might even consider the use of dry ice...if
you put it so that it doesn't directly touch any food, and you don't touch
it with your bare hands, it seems to work pretty well.  That would
definitely keep them good through the second week.  The same thing can be
done with the bread you mentioned.  Make it, freeze it, then keep it in
coolers with dry ice.  In all cases, you can then pull things out of the
"freezer" coolers as needed so they can thaw.

Restaurant Depot has large cans of stuffed grapevine leaves that are
excellent.  And they have a snap-on lid that can be used so that the can can
be used for leftovers.  I'm not sure you have them down your way...you can
go to their Web site to find out where the closest one is.

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