[Sca-cooks] Period Portable Lunch Foods

Margaret Rendell m_rendell at optusnet.com.au
Sat Feb 7 12:51:23 PST 2009

Kingstaste wrote:
> I thought all meat was gluten-free?
> Margaret/Emma
> Yes, but wrapping the meat in a pastry crust is not.  
> I do not miss bread so much, in fact I have pretty mu

Sorry, this was actually a joke.
You said
> I should probably mention that several of us in camp are gluten-free,

and I replied "I thought all meat was gluten-free?"
I had originally planned to extend the joke, because you also said

> and
> I'm dairy free.

and I was going to make comments about the (apparently large) number of 
nursing mothers in your group, but I thought it was too much...


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