[Sca-cooks] Period Portable Lunch Foods Cocido

Suey lordhunt at gmail.com
Sun Feb 8 14:01:23 PST 2009

Kingstate wrote:
> Very cool info, thanks Suey!  I am a little confused though, you say the
> cocido were packed to last a week?  With coals going the whole time?  Or am
> I reading this wrong, and you mean the broth that is made from the leftover
> bits of the lunch is kept on the coals for up to a week?  
> I would love to see a picture of one of these that was made to carry coals
> in the bottom!
> Christianna, thinking this is much more fun than 'brown bagging' it!
No, cocido was cooked to last a week in the home and kept over slow 
coals during the entire week. Cocido, like broad beans, is a winter dish 
and perfect for Leon as it is cold, snowy and icy. The lunch box had a 
shelf below for coals so if the muleteer wanted his warm he could put 
the coals in there. The broth in the home actually is made when we boil 
the meats, chicken and pork in my house. In the Middle Ages you had the 
whole variety of game. Now the muleteer traditionally did not seem to 
have a thermos so he stopped at an Inn after his lunch and brought some 
As for the photo you want of the lunchbox I cannot find it on google.  I 
am 90% sure the name of the lunch box is zagon. I cannot find it except 
for being a slipper made of lamb's wool used by shepards in Leon. My 
info was that this is a two layer wooden box. Downstairs you have a few 
coals and upstairs you have Grandma's winter delight kept warm until 
wonder boy wants to eat it, i.e. it is separated by a wooden sheet. Last 
seen it looked like a chicken coop at the two sides and was wood along 
the length. It is rather like Grandma's box she had for warming her bed 
at the beginning of the 20th C and before except the maragatos had two 
stories. You have a special name for that in English, something warmer, no?
I am very sorry I cannot find it. If anyone has any ideas please tell me 
so I can look some more.

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