[Sca-cooks] How do you answer such a question

Susan Fox selene at earthlink.net
Tue Feb 10 19:41:00 PST 2009

Well that is a good point.  I've been known to correct people who worry 
that they have "mistakenly" called me Lady Selene.  What, did they take 
away my Award of Arms?  I worked hard for that, darnit!

Damn, er, Dame Selene Colfox OP etc.

Euriol of Lothian wrote:
> You know, I don't think they take his Count title away when they make him a
> Duke.
> I'm still a "Lady" even if I'm also a "Mistress" now. Then again, I didn't
> get to be an "Honorable Lady" until after I was a "Mistress". :) :)
> Euriol
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> Silly Selene said:
> <<< Oh, and until a few months ago, we could have dubbed Our Gunther as
> "Count Spatula".  Drat, missed opportunities, one of you guys will have
> to win a Crown then.  >>>
> You still can for a few months. Gunthar can't become a Duke until he  
> successfully completes his current reign.
> Stefan
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