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Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Thu Feb 12 09:14:09 PST 2009


did not get to clear up my backlog until now!

Uh, I had that happend at least twice to me, fortunately without the 
question or at least a bit differently asked.

Getting my AoA  clad in an undertunic with a (dirty) dishtowel through my 
belt and yes, wet and dirty from kitchen clean up, in front of a lot of 
finely dressed people makes you somewhat spechless.

I do not know what I did answer but we got some knights *volunteered* for 
dishwashing, both times I and my kitchen coworkers where called out to 
Court. (one Court beeing in the middle of Feast, so YES dishwashing was more 
important, at that moment)

I must have said the right thing.

DW ad flumen Caerulum

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> A while later HRM Gunthar calls her into Court and someone went into
> the kitchen to get her. There was some banter about where she was
> while we were waiting for her, which of course she didn't hear. She
> walks up before Gunthar and kneels on the carpet in front of Gunthar,
> not wanting to soil the fancy royal kneeling cushion since she is
> soaking wet from her knees down.  Gunthar tells her to please kneel
> on the cushion, since that is what it is there for. Gunthar then asks
> her "Whether it is more important to wash dishes or be in his court".

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