[Sca-cooks] A question sure to cause controversy

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I am a holdout, I like Feastcrat (with no added 'o' - never liked that
much).  There are lots of other options used these days though.  

I refer you to a few below:
Archimagirus, [Greek/Latin] a chief cook, Juv. 9, 109

Cocinero, ( Ruperto de Nola, Libro de Guisados, 1529) the cook, who prepares
the food (presumably with the aid of underlings).

Cook -  in charge of food preservation, preparation, and supervision of
kitchen staff.  (Còcaire - Gaelic) (Coquus - m, Coqua - f, Latin) (Kokke -
Norwegian) (Cuoco - m, Cuoca -f, cuciniere -  Italian)

Coke - 1362 - an archaic form of cook.  

Cuisinier,  (Fr., Chiquart - events described occurred ~1405, written ~1425)
Responsible for the hiring and paying of the staff, the procurement of the
food as well as the kitchen equipment, the coordination of visiting cooks,
the obtainment of the linen, the menu, the wine, the firewood, the spices,
the candles for the hall and everything else as well as overseeing the
actual production of meals.

Koch(Ständebuch, German, 1568) “The cook prepares excellent rice,
vegetables, fowl, fish, and pickled food for the gentry; for farmers and
workers he makes millet, barley, lentils, peas and beans, sausages, soups,
turnips and cabbage.”

Viander, from "The Forme of Cury", which was compiled in 1383 by 'the chief
master cooks of King Richard the Second... the which was accounted the best
and royallest viander of all christen Kings'

Old School Feastcrat ;)

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Do people prefer Chef de Cuisine (or some version thereof) or is
Feast-o-crat okay?  I know people who absolutely despise F-O-C and can be
verbally violent about it.  I came from the East where it seemed to be
routinely used but now in the Outlands I've had to watch what I say.

Thank you.

Shoshanna - trying hard not to offend
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