[Sca-cooks] OP Modern cookies question

Bronwynmgn at aol.com Bronwynmgn at aol.com
Sun Feb 22 10:26:57 PST 2009

I just started playing with a "Winnie the Pooh Cookie Cookbook" that I have 
had for years and never made anything out of.  My son is now of an age to 
really like Pooh so it seemed like a good time to get it out.

Two questions:
1.  Some of the cookies are referred to as "madeleines" and are to be baked 
in "madeleine tins".  What is this device?

2. Several of the cookies call for finely chopped crystalized ginger.  I've 
heard it discussed here on the list, but I can't remember if anyone said where 
you can purchase it - I certainly don't remember seeing it in the spice 
section at the grocery store.  

Brangwayna Morgan
Shire of Silver Rylle, East Kingdom
Lancaster, PA
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