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> Two questions:
> 1.  Some of the cookies are referred to as "madeleines" and are to be
> baked in "madeleine tins".  What is this device?

A madeleine is a soft cookie shaped like a scallop shell.  The British
say "tins" where Americans would say "pans".  Here's a picture of a
madeleine pan:

or http://tinyurl.com/c4rct8

> 2. Several of the cookies call for finely chopped crystalized ginger.  I've
> heard it discussed here on the list, but I can't remember if anyone said
> where you can purchase it - I certainly don't remember seeing it in the spice
> section at the grocery store.

I usually just buy regular crystalized ginger and chop it myself.  I
would look in the dried fruits section of the grocery store.  An Asian
food store would also be a good bet.

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