[Sca-cooks] candied ginger

Stefan li Rous stefanlirous at austin.rr.com
Sun Feb 22 21:39:30 PST 2009

Dan said:
  <<< When you're buying ginger, if you want to candy it, or make  
sushi ginger, look for smaller hands with a thin non-wrinkly skin;  
it's younger, and isn't as fibrous. Dunno about elsewhere, but here  
in upstate NY, it's starting to show up in the supermarkets right  
now. >>>

I can understand why you would want young ginger and ginger which has  
been sitting around so long that it has dried out, but I didn't think  
ginger was a "seasonal" item. Or is it showing up now in the NY  
supermarkets for some other reason, similar to the fruitcake  
ingredients showing up in the late fall in anticipation of customers  
buying them to make fruit cakes for the Yule season?

I've found candied ginger which is both actual slices of ginger that  
has been candied, and pieces where it appears the ginger has been  
ground or powdered and then mixed with sugar syrup since it doesn't  
have any of the fiber of the other. I prefer the former.

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