[Sca-cooks] Which kind of onions in an onion tart

Terry Decker t.d.decker at att.net
Mon Feb 23 13:02:46 PST 2009

How this question is answered depends on why you ask the question.  If you 
are talking about the cooking properties, I'd go with a local yellow and be 
done with it.  They are usually less expensive and they sweeten as they 

If you are trying for historical accuracy, then it would depend upon the 
cuisine and the period of the feast.  Dioscorides (1st Century) describes 
onions as being long or round, white or yellow.  In 13th Century Germany, 
onions were medical exotics not included in Albertus Magnus's garden list, 
although he did have garlic and leeks.  By the mid-16th Century, the red 
onion shows up in the writings of Amatus Lusitanus, a Portuguese physician.


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I'll be cooking for a feast at the end of March and plan on making onion 
tarts. Not being a real big fan of onions per say, I'd like to know what 
y'all think the best choice of onions I should buy for the tarts? I live in 
Washington but would buy from the internet if necessary.

Thank you.

THL Anne

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