[Sca-cooks] Happy Shrove/Fat Tuesday, or whatever you call it...

Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Tue Feb 24 06:37:20 PST 2009

On Feb 24, 2009, at 9:17 AM, Georgia Foster wrote:

> I am not of the faith that celebrates the Lenten observance (is  
> celebrate the right word for a 40 day event that requires fasting?    
> hmn...)

Well, FWIW, the current interpretation for much of the world that  
actually does this is that fasting -- defined as one solid, meatless  
meal on that day, with no restrictions on type, amount or frequency of  
liquid consumption provided it is meatless --  is done on two of those  
40 days. And here I was, so looking forward to a big, brimming Venti  
of gravy tomorrow ;-).

But I agree, it seems to me to that this is any number of things, but  
a celebration it is not, unless one chooses, as I do, to celebrate the  
fact that I'm doing it by choice, and hopefully putting those extra  
calories to better use than in padding my duff, where so many, and  
some right under our noses, are not.

>  But two of my brothers-of-choice ARE ... so tonight we will dine on  
> roast pork gyros with yoghurt and green onion sauce -  served with  
> slices of tomato and raw red onion, feta cheese pies, fresh spinach  
> leaves with hot bacon and onion dressing, and baklava for afters.
> In all honesty the cheese pies and baklava were specifically  
> requested by my younger daughter currently doing time at Fort Lost- 
> in-the-woods, Misery.  She is having some becoming-an-adult; deal- 
> with-it moments and could use some comfort food so I am making  
> enough that I can seal them in vacusucker bags and pack them on dry  
> ice to ship to her via express mail.  It is pure coincidence that  
> the preparation of same happened to fall on the feast-before-the- 
> fast day.  This coincidence was pointed out by the two brothers-of- 
> choice mentioned above who were wrangling for an invite (bachelors  
> can be like that).

Yes, we had a particular alignment of the planets, for practical  
purposes, just in time for the Lunar New Year celebration, which  
seemed to us to make it all the more essential that we do it right and  
proper. And I don't think anyone here is a stranger to the concept of  
the healing power of the right food.

> In order that I not be accused of being a spoon tease … I promise to  
> include recipes either tonight or tomorrow.

Count me in on the gyros. We doing schwarma-style or ground meat?

Adamantius (for some reason thinking of Cantonese potted rice and  
flank steak with black mushrooms, tonight)

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