[Sca-cooks] kasha/groats bread from estrella siege

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Tue Feb 24 17:03:41 PST 2009

Failure?  Not as far as the judges were concerned.  Was there any left?  Not
unless you hid some.  :-))  That was wonderful.

On Tue, Feb 24, 2009 at 10:38 AM, Kathleen A Roberts <karobert at unm.edu>wrote:

> to those interested, here is cedric's groats/kasa bread recipe and process.
> cailte
> I am not sure why someone would want this bread recipe, as I considered
> this one a failure.  But...  This was basically a modification of a peasant
> bread that I make, using buckwheat.
> 1.5 cups of buckwheat, ground by hand into flour.  Some small kernals
> remained
> 1.5 cups of flour, not sure of the type of white flower we had.  I expect
> general purpose.
> 1+ cup warm water
> 2 tsp yeast
> 1 tsp salt
> 1 tsp rosemary
> 1 tsp caraway
> 1 tsp fennel
> 1 tsp cumin
> Place yeast in cup of warm water for 10 min or until yeast building.  Mix
> all other ingredients except salt in dough bowl.  Add yeast water and slowly
> mix. I add the salt slowly as I mixed.  I added a little more water as I
> went until I had made the dough smooth and kneaded.  Then let rise until you
> can't wait any longer or it gets 1.5 times original size.  Punch down and
> then let rise for another 30 minutes on round baking stone.  (Bake at
> roughly 375 for 30 (or so) minutes)
> Now, the things that I would change.  First I have contemplated soaking the
> buckwheat first before grinding, since i have never worked with buckwheat I
> am not sure how this would work.  But I would try.  Second, the bread rise
> was not what I expected, I think the gluten was low in what we had and as I
> add the salt later in the recipe, I don't think it reacted well with the
> yeast as needed to form a good rise.  I would have prefered a larger rise.
> Also, the brick oven I used, the temperature is not something you can
> control easily, so I started the baking around 400 degrees and as the
> temperature loss occured, I rotated the bread and even moved it to the front
> to give it a longer bake time.  So basically, I played in the oven for
> awhile.  And the cumin, for me it was a little too much, but others thought
> it was good.
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