[Sca-cooks] Pancakes and Fruitcakes was Happy Shrove/Fat Tuesday

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Gwen Cat said:
<<< Nope, not of a persuasion to fast, but of a heritage that  
celebrates Rose Monday and Fat Tuesday with GUSTO. >>>

I've heard of Fat Tuesday, but what is "Rose Monday"?

<<< On the other topic, your discussion got me curious just how far  
back fruit cake recipes go.  If I had to pick a country how about  
English?  any online leads? >>>

If you use the search engine on the top page of the Florilegium you  
can find a few mentions.

I also have this previous message, although it hasn't made it into  
the Florilegium yet since I was looking for enough material on period  
fruitcake for a new file.

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AFAIK, panforte is the earliest European fruitcake with the first  
in the 13th Century.  There are no recipes.  The modern version is  
spices, dried fruits and nuts with a little flour as a binding  
agent.  It is
similar to the later recipes for lebkuchen and gingerbread.  Pantonne  
is a
little later.  It's difficult to place, but from what I've been able to
find, I believe the origins are toward the end of period.  Again, no


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