[Sca-cooks] a 'Fat Tuesday' Greek meal ... OOP and LONG

otsisto otsisto at socket.net
Wed Feb 25 16:51:46 PST 2009

I missed that one. I was intrigued by the vanilla. First time I had seen
vanilla in a baklava recipe, usually it is lemon, lime, or orange juice.
Sometime when pistachios are used I see rosewater.
May have to try this recipe just to see the difference.

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>Baklava - 32 ounces of fine-chopped walnuts mixed with 8 Tbs of cinnamon
and 4 Tbs nutmeg.

This seems like an awful lot of spices.  The modern recipes I checked use 1
to 2 *teaspoons* of cinnamon for 1 lb nuts.


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