[Sca-cooks] Simple plates was Size of Trenchers

David Walddon david at vastrepast.com
Sun Jul 5 08:57:16 PDT 2009

I have to dig through my books but I am fairly certain that I have a
reference to "paper" plates (oiled parchment?) being used as an plate in
Italy in the 1400's. IIRC it was Venetian.
Does anyone else recall the reference?
Otherwise I will start digging.
We are having a Scappi cooking day today so it might be tomorrow.


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> dephelps at embarqmail.com writes:
> <<Perhaps an alternative solution to the original question might be in how
> meals were served in inns of the period or at sea in period and later.   At
> sea common meals were, if the evidence from the Mary Rose is examined,
> served on billets of wood with a shallow hollow carved into them.  These
> might or might not have been turned and thus dish shaped round.  Such could
> be done relatively cheaply out of pine boards as rectangle "plates",
> branded 
> and sealed.  They would of course require collection and washing up.  >>
> But is there a method of cleaning these that would satisfy the food safety
> inspectors (who do inspect the food shops at Pennsic) and not destroy the
> billet after a few washings?  In my experience, wooden feast gear does not get
> along well with dishwashers, and I suspect that a food safety inspector
> wouldn't be too keen on hand-washng them.  So renewing them would be a
> significant expense in time and money.
> A friend of mine has been known to use non-pocket pita bread as a
> "trencher".  Perhaps an option would be to offer the pita alone, or pita with
> a paper 
> plate under it for those who are more concerned about dropping their food
> or getting their hands dirty.
> Also, using trenchers or billets limits you to either solid or pretty darn
> thick foods.  Soups or stews would need a bowl of some sort.
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