[Sca-cooks] Simple plates was Size of Trenchers

Daniel & Elizabeth Phelps dephelps at embarqmail.com
Sun Jul 5 09:15:54 PDT 2009

Was written:

But is there a method of cleaning these that would satisfy the food safety
inspectors (who do inspect the food shops at Pennsic) and not destroy the
billet after a few washings?  In my experience, wooden feast gear does not 
along well with dishwashers, and I suspect that a food safety inspector
wouldn't be too keen on hand-washing them.  So renewing them would be a
significant expense in time and money.

That is indeed "the rub" I suppose.  Sealing them would help? Albeit if you 
used some sort of  "plastic" sealant the period effect would be greatly 
diminished.  Hand washing would, based on the situation of most major wars, 
be required.  I've a brother who is a retired inspector of food 
establishments in North Carolina.  I could consult him but his advice would, 
I suppose, probably only be valid in NC.

Was also written:

Also, using trenchers or billets limits you to either solid or pretty darn
thick foods.  Soups or stews would need a bowl of some sort.

Hmmm... that is what the shallow hollow in the billet is intended to 
address.  Thus how shallow should such be?

Side note if the wooden plate was offered as "take away" as part of the meal 
the establishment would not need to wash them after use as they would be 
"taken away".  If a customer brought one back for a subsequent meal his/her 
washing up of the plate prior to his/her return would thus be his/her 
responsibility, yes?


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