[Sca-cooks] Size of Trenchers

Jane Boyko jboyko at magma.ca
Sun Jul 5 12:25:56 PDT 2009

I wish I had a link to this one.  At the Royal Ontario Museum they  
have some dessert trenchers, English, from the Late 1500's.  These are  
painted with sayings and poetry, riddles etc for guest to use while  
enjoying dried fruits, nuts etc.  The Museum guesses that they were  
made out of beech wood.

Unfortunately I don't have the size but I would have to say, at a  
intelligent guess, that they were about 6 inches diameter.  Easy to  
make from the proper size branch.  They also came in a case (kind of  
like coasters can today).  These trenchers look very flat without the  
indentation.  Looks like I need to go back and try to copy the verses  
on them so I can do an A&S replica project for fun.


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