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Selene commented:

<<< Duke Guillaume is the SCA's corporate media relations officer - it  
his job to help produce this kind of thing. >>>

Oh! I was wondering why his mundane name sounded familiar, but this  
finally clued me in.  He has written at least two books about life in  
the SCA.

The second, which I liked, is:
"Here Comes the Reign, Sir Guillaume! : Another collection of warped,  
wicked and wild stories about medieval history and life in (and  
around) the SCA."
Farrell, Scott
ISBN: 0-595-34686-3
iUniverse, Inc. 2005

Book Description

 From jester to king, Guillaume sees the Current Middle Ages from  
every angle. In his second collection of humorous stories and  
insightful reflections, Guillaume looks at the lighter side of castle  
building, jousting on ESPN, learning Arthurian mythology (with the  
help of tequila), and making topiary animals out of duct tape. Plus,  
just to prove that no subject is beyond the scope of his irreverent  
sense of humor, he also shares the laughter and chaos that took place  
"behind the scenes" during two reigns as King of Caid. Whether by fate  
or "an implausible disruption of the natural balance of the universe,"  
Guillaume's readers are in for some royal laughs, and some touching  
moments, as the SCA's funniest knight wins the throne and seeks  
shelter from the reign in a deluge of hilarious stories, including:
<Li>Spitting Distance from Chivalry</Li> <Li>Christmas Crazies:  
Forgotten Medieval Holiday Folklore</Li> <Li>Of Arms and the Knight I  
Sing</Li> <Li>To Find the SCA, Just Turn Right at Spiderman</Li>  
<Li>Fangs for the Memories: Medieval Halloween Monsters</Li>  
<Li>Reigny Days and Mondays</Li>

Someday I will need to hunt down his first volume.

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