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David asked:

<<< Speaking of Pine Nuts I want to grow pine nut trees in my yard.
Any idea where I can get them? >>>

This message from the nuts-msg file I mentioned recently might help:
Here is a brief, incomplete list, of conifers producing edible pine  
nuts.  I
haven't located pictures of the seeds to see if the resemble each  
other.  I
found it interesting that at least 3 species are considered to be  


Araucaria imbricata  (Chile pine)  Andes
Pinus Cembra  (Swiss stone pine)  Alps
Pinus Pinea fragilis (Tarentine pine)  Italy

Pinus edulis  (Pinon pine)  North America
Pinus parryana  (Pinon pine)  North America
Pinus monophylla  (Pinon pine)  North America

Are you looking for seeds or seedlings?

I'm assuming your local nurseries or agricultural agent can tell you  
how well pine trees will grow in your location. Both climate and soil  
type are going to have an impact on how well they will grow.

This file in the PLANTS, HERBS AND SPICES section of the Florilegium  
has a number of seed and seedling sources mentioned for various  
plants. Most likely pine trees aren't mentioned specifically, but it  
gives you a number of sources, many with websites, to check out.
seeds-msg         (66K)  5/24/06  Sources for period plants and seeds.

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