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> I think in this specific recipe the thing that intrigues me the most
> is the "erbes ystewed in grees" which I read as herbs stewed in
> grease. In my mind if you are stewing something in grease then it is
> being fried, at least that is how I would interpret the phrase.
> Does anyone else get that?

Yes, I saw that last week and wondered about this.

<<< I had the same thought -- make sense, heating/frying the aromatics  
adding to the stew.

toodles, margaret  >>>

But why does it make sense? I can imagine doing this with spices.  
Roasting them is often done in recipes, although I'm not sure if it  
was done in period.

But wouldn't frying herbs in grease just give you wilted leaves and  
some grease? Can someone tell this inexperienced cook (me) what this  
does for you? This is done with spinach, right? But that's a texture  
thing, correct?

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