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Hi all,
 One thing I've been thinking while reading these posts is that by stewing
the herbs in grease, you could infuse the flavours of the herbs in your fat
and disperse it through the broth/sauce, but still have the herbs whole,
rather than minced/chopped,. this would give you another texture for your
mouth to play with and could also create some interesting flavour values. If
you added the stewed herbs shortly before serving, the dish would have
meat-flavoured gobbets of meat, herb-flavoured wads of herbs, and a
sauce/broth which blended the two ...
one final note-more semantics than anything... I would think of stewing in
grease as a more gentle cooking than frying. For me, frying kind of implies
a  comparatively high temp, and would be more likely to give a crispy
result. Stewing temp would be more like that used for sweating onions.
Just my take on it. YMMV

> Stefan Wrote:
> But why does it make sense? I can imagine doing this with spices.
> Roasting them is often done in recipes, although I'm not sure if it
> was done in period.
> But wouldn't frying herbs in grease just give you wilted leaves and
> some grease? Can someone tell this inexperienced cook (me) what this
> does for you? This is done with spinach, right? But that's a texture
> thing, correct?
> Stefan
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