[Sca-cooks] red currents

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Mon Jul 13 19:53:00 PDT 2009

Thanks Daniel,
That would be great. I'd like to make a red current preserve and give 
some to crown for largesse. It would be great if I could be pointed to 
some references for documentation.



Daniel & Elizabeth Phelps wrote:
> Was written:
>> Thanks, I read it yesterday- did not see any recipes for preserves, 
>> several mentions of use in various dishes as an ingredient.
> Check Hess's "Martha Washington's Book of Cookery" recipe 213 page 360 
> "To Make Jelley of Red Currans" and recipe 215 "To Make Jelley of 
> Currans". Also recipe 59 page 262 "To Preserve Gooseberries or Curran 
> Berries" and recipe 205 page 356 "To Make Quidony of English Currans".
> You want me to transcribe any of these let me know as it is to late to 
> do so tonight. These are probably 16th century or possibly early 17th.
> Will check other of my texts if you desire... just not tonight.
> Daniel

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