[Sca-cooks] Colored Salt

Susanne Mayer susanne.mayer5 at chello.at
Wed Jul 15 12:36:41 PDT 2009

Living in Austria from prehistoric times to just OOP you would have either 
to refine the salt or import sea salt to get white salt, as the natural rock 
salt (mined in Hallstatt (hall means salt) and in a lot of other places in 
and around Salzburg (again salt,...) and the tyrolean alps comes in various 
shades of brown.

Later all salt was refined and white, nowadays the slow food gourmets go 
back to natrual unrefined rocksalt (I have some at home). Himalaya rock salt 
is pink is various degrees. I also have black salt (with natrual carbon)

DW ad flumen caerulum

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> I was looking up a bug bite itchy remedy that I had been given as a gift a
> long time ago. The list of ingredients specifically said white salt.  That
> sent me down the path of colored salts. Are there documented examples of 
> the
> other color salts (not ones that were colored intentionally) used in 
> period?
> Aldyth

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