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Phil Troy / G. Tacitus Adamantius adamantius1 at verizon.net
Sun Jul 19 05:27:57 PDT 2009

On Jul 19, 2009, at 3:57 AM, Stefan li Rous wrote:

> Vitha suggested:
> <<< you can IQF them if you have freezer space.  They come out  
> nicely for
> recipes that use fresh currants.  I have this torte... >>>
> What do you mean by "IQF"? Instant Quick Freeze? How do you do this?

It usually stands for Individually Quick Frozen. Normally the term is  
used for delicate things like shrimp and some fruits, and involves  
dipping each piece into a mechanically agitated, super-cooled water  
"glaze" (so it's cold enough to be frozen, but is not able to build up  
crystals and solidify normally until you allow it to happen).

The ice-glazed items can then be packed and kept frozen in more  
traditional fashion.

Home cooks sometimes use the expression when referring to freezing  
items on a cookie sheet, with or without a water dip before freezing,  
and then removing the frozen items from the sheet for repacking. It  
produces less wear and tear on the frozen items, and you don't find  
yourself trying to pry the berries or shrimp, or whatever, apart with  
a butter knife or a screwdriver.


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